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Net Medical Adds New Board Member

Dick Govatski, Chairman and CEO, of Net Medical announces that the company has added a fifth board member effective immediately. The company’s board voted to accept Neeraj Dubey, M.D. to the board.

Dr. Dubey has been a long time medical professional with Net Medical and specializes in neurology, stroke, and neuro imaging. Govatski said, “Dr. Dubey is going to be a valued addition to our board. The company is venturing into many new areas of medicine and it will be very important to have a medical professional on our board.”

Dubey is already the company’s Chief Medical Officer and plays a significant role in

handling the hundreds of neuro patients each month. Rafael M. Rubio, Net Medical

President, said that “Dr. Dubey has been associated with the company for close to ten

years. We welcome him to our board”.

Dr. Dubey studied neuroimaging/neurosonology at the State University of New York

in Buffalo in 1999. He received his board certification in Psychiatry and Neurology in 2001 and board certification of vascular neurology in 2005. He received a fellowship at the University of Texas and served at Herman Memorial Medical Center in Houston, Texas.

Dubey commented, “I’m really pleased to be of service to the many clients of Net

Medical. We are heading into more significant areas of medicine and I will provide the

medical expertise needed on both the medical and business areas for the company.”

About Net Medical Xpress

Net Medical Xpress is a medical services company that provides clinical and diagnostic

programs using advanced telemedicine solutions for rural hospitals. The company’s

proprietary, web-based technology is the platform that enables medical providers to

make real-time assessments of patients’ conditions and treatment needs. For more

information, visit

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