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On demand, expert care.


Mobile Medical
Van Rental

Net Medical's fleet of Mobile Medical Vans are now available for rent to qualified medical professionals. They are equipped with an exam chair, medical grade refrigerator, backup generator, and telemedicine monitor complete with secure server.

With the van, medical professionals can now visit a patient's:

  • home

  • office

  • school

  • business

  • assisted living community

  • retirement community

  • and more!

Expand your practice without leaving your office!


Why Choose Net Medical Mobile?

There are a lot of reasons why Net Medical Mobile Van Rental is the perfect choice to address your patient's exam and testing needs. Here's just a few:


Stuck at Home

Your patients are already not feeling well, so visit with them in the convenience of their own home. No need to drag themselves or their family in to a clinic - let the clinic come to them!


Busy at work

Your patients are  swamped and can't take 3-5 hours out of  their day to go to urgent care. You can go to their office,  take care of them,  and have them back to work in no time. 


Safety First

Urgent care and clinics are full of sick people. Don't expose your patient's already taxed immune system to a room full of germs. Our vans are as sterile as your office.


Tired of Waiting

Your patients are busy! They can skip the lines, the endless waiting, and step into the Mobile Med Van. Most simple visits take less than 30 minutes so your patients can get back on track right away.

mobile med for business

Mobile Med for

Keeping employees happy and healthy is just good business. Whatever the size of the company,  you can help the employees get healthy and stay healthy. You could offer a wide range of exam and testing services through the Mobile Med Van program. You can go to a business and perform medical services quickly and discreetly.

You could offer:

  • Drug testing

  • Covid testing

  • School athletic program exams

  • Retirement and assisted living community exams and laboratory tests

The Medical Vans are equipped with power generators to provide needed electricity, medically equipped refrigerators enabling you to not only offer basic lab testing but regular exams, and new exam chairs are designed to simulate being in your office, without patients waiting weeks for an appointment.

school athletic exams

School Athletic
Program Exams

Net Medical Mobile Med Vans can go to schools and perform the required physical exams and lab tests for their athletes.

Renting a Mobile Med Van can increase your patient base and revenue by servicing a multitude of clients at one location in a short period of time.

nursing homes assist living

Assisted Living &
Retirement Communities

Net Medical has rented our Mobile Medical Vans for use at assisted living and retirement communitites in the Albuquerque and surrounding areas.  Our fleet of colorful, well equipped Medical Vans have secure telemedicine capabilities so you can perform physical exams as well as simple laboratory tests.

Telemedicine the

Who has time for more patients? You will!

  • send your staff member out in our van to do vitals and prep the patient for their telemedicine visit

  • you can schedule consults in between your regular office appointments or dedicate one day as a telemedicine clinic day

  • ever wish you could service a particular clientele but they're just too remote? Now you can, without ever leaving your office

  • and let's face it, you're busy so patients are waiting weeks to get in to see you

  • no more clogging up your regular schedule with something simple that can be handled quickly through telemedicine


Simple and quick telemed visits:

  • Cold, flu, and COVID-19 symptoms​ like fever or coughing

  • Wellness screenings

  • Sports physicals or injuries

  • Male and female health: UTIs or bladder infections

  • Pink eye

  • Headaches and migraines

  • Medication refills

telemedicine the timesaver
laboratory services


The Net Medical Mobile Med Van is equipped with a medical grade refrigerator, supported by a backup generator, so your staff could perform simple labs right in the van and store the samples to be dropped off at a lab later that day.

prescription services


After their on-site assessment and telemedical consult, you could submit any required prescription electronically to the pharmacy of your patient's choice. Freeing up your schedule to be able to see the more critical patients, a simple telemedicine visit can be performed in cases where a patient just needs a medication refill.

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