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Net Medical

Cutting Edge Medical Solutions

Enterprise Solutions


Artificial Intelligence Technology

  • Offering regulatory software framework that will fundamentally change how medical device developers operate

  • From simple document summarization, to retrieval augmented generation, to state of the art cybersecurity compliance modules and much more!
  • We are optimizing your knowledge delivery and discovery paths, using AI
  • Optimizing your knowledge pathways gets you better development, better research, and overall better compliance to the complicated rules of the FDA and other international regulatory organizations.

Clinical Trials

  • We partner with manufacturers and FDA Regulatory Firms to provide usability and clinical trial testing

  • We assess your protocol and provide tailored solutions

  • We keep your trial running on time and on budget

  • Count on Net Medical to provide solutions that allow patients to easily participate and allow you to compile and analyze data flawlessly

  • Net Medical offers several modalities of training and support for our clients. These include on-site investigator training, online learning modules, site support and protocol analysis.


Heart Monitoring

  • The heart monitor is an advanced diagnostic platform for remote cardiac monitoring.

  • The cutting-edge wearable biosensor patch is applied to the chest and provides high quality ECG measurements. CV solution focuses on providing near flawless and wireless ECG signal continuously for up to 30 days.

  • It offers all 4 modalities on a single patch including Holter, Extended Holter, Wireless Event Monitoring, and Mobile Cardiac Telemetry (MCT).

  • We have developed an efficient workflow that reduces the burden on office staff and provides a more meaningful experience for patients, with a higher diagnostic yield for physicians.


BP Monitoring

  • The BP monitoring platform measures blood pressure in real-time using cuffless, non-invasive, medical-grade technology.

  • The short-term monitoring solution is based on a disposable patch. Designed for single patient use to avoid transmission of diseases, it also has a separate sticker and sensor capsule for easy removal and replacement, and has a battery life of up to 5 days.

  • This short-term chest monitor enables monitoring
    of all patients through one cloud-based platform,
    stretching the continuum of care and providing easy, non-invasive monitoring for hypertension.

Use Together To Provide Comprehensive Heart and
BP Monitoring

Consumer Services

Mobile Medical Vans

  • Net Medical is now renting our Mobile Medical Vans to qualified medical providers

  • Providers can set up routine telemedicine visits utilizing our secure telemedicine equipment in the van

  • This secure network will allow medical providers to service patients throughout the state - even in remote areas.

  • Perfect for schools, athletic programs, assisted living and retirement communities, offices, businesses or remote clinics

  • Rent for a day, a week, a month or more - based on driver availability

  • Want your very own custom Med Van? We can build you a tailor made vehicle and customize the equipment installed as well as the outside graphics, advertising your services.

Learn more about purchasing a custom van HERE.


Wellness Products

  • Immunity Science is a subsidiary of Net Medical

  • Science-backed health and wellness products designed to help boost your immunity and live your best life

  • Gummy supplements and jellybean vitamins, for adults and kids, that are all natural, chewable and delicious PLUS non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegetarian/vegan friendly

  • Oral and nasal hygiene products by Xlear designed to moisturize and soothe your nasal passages and throat

  • Water purification equipment by Brio that offers 4 stage
    reverse osmosis

  • Air purification equipment by NuWave with a HEPA/ Carbon combo filter - destroys odors, fumes, and VOCs

  • Yummy water-infusion drops  by Pure Inventions created by nutritionists with zero sugar or calories

  • Anti-inflammatory, DRUG FREE, pain relief patches by Kailo - waterproof, flexible, and reusable

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