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Net Medical

Bringing Healthcare To You

Consumer Services

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Mobile Medical Clinic and Lab

  • Can't get out? We'll come to you!

  • We've got you covered - at home, at work, or at school with on-site exams, respiratory tests, and telemedicine coverage

  • Perfect for schools, athletic programs, assisted living and retirement communities, your home, offices, businesses or anywhere you need immediate exams and/or lab testing

  • See a licensed NM healthcare provider right away

  • Say goodbye to long wait times and skip stressful trips to the clinic

  • Walk away with a prescription so you can start feeling better, faster

  • One-stop test shop - we provide co-detections of Influenza A or B, RSV, the common cold, and more!

  • We can run routine labs for common tests like A1C, TSH, HDL/LDL, CBC panel, Liver panel, Cardiac panel, urinalysis, blood glucose, drug screening, etc.


Wellness Products

  • Immunity Science is a subsidiary of Net Medical

  • Science-backed health and wellness products designed to help boost your immunity and live your best life

  • Gummy supplements and jellybean vitamins, for adults and kids, that are all natural, chewable and delicious PLUS non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegetarian/vegan friendly

  • Oral and nasal hygiene products by Xlear designed to moisturize and soothe your nasal passages and throat

  • Water purification equipment by Brio that offers 4 stage
    reverse osmosis

  • Air purification equipment by NuWave with a HEPA/ Carbon combo filter - destroys odors, fumes, and VOCs

  • Yummy water-infusion drops  by Pure Inventions created by nutritionists with zero sugar or calories

  • Anti-inflammatory, DRUG FREE, pain relief patches by Kailo - waterproof, flexible, and reusable

Enterprise Solutions


Tele-Neurosurgery Consults

  • Specializing in neurosurgical consultations for brain and spine patients

  • Patients that need to transfer to a higher level of care after neurosurgery consultation receive more rapid intervention
  • You pay for only the consults that you need
    whether that’s one a month or 20 or more

  • Enables coverage for vacations

  • Improves provider retention in communities
    that are not large enough to support a full-time neurosurgeon

  • Available in 41 states and the District of Columbia

  • Available on a 24/7/365 basis


Clinical Trials

  • We partner with manufacturers and FDA Regulatory Firms to provide usability and clinical trial testing

  • We assess your protocol and provide tailored solutions

  • We keep your trial running on time and on budget

  • Count on Net Medical to provide solutions that allow patients to easily participate and allow you to compile and analyze data flawlessly

  • Net Medical offers several modalities of training and support for our clients. These include on-site investigator training, online learning modules, site support and protocol analysis.

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