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Artificial Intelligence Technology


AI Tech Exclusively from Net Medical

For the past two decades, Net Medical has invested into the latest technologies to bring novel products and services to the healthcare market.  We've always stayed on the cutting edge of technology to deliver patient care anywhere it was needed.  Today is no different as we build the next generation of products backed by emerging Artificial Intelligence technologies.


The Net Medical AI Advantage:

  • AI is the right tool to fast track many of the things your company does today

  • Helps raise the quality of work from everyone on your staff

  • Optimizing your knowledge pathways gets you better development, better research

  • Better compliance to the complicated rules of the FDA and other international regulatory organizations


What sets us apart from the rest

Our unique position as a seasoned telemedicine service provider, clinical research organization, laboratory service provider, plus our history of regulatory work in medical devices gives us a unique perspective on the industry as a whole.  Backed with decades of data and experience, we are building an AI based regulatory software framework that will fundamentally change how medical device developers operate.


We call our product a Regulatory Operating Framework.  It includes everything from simple document summarization, retrieval augmented generation, natural language interfaces to document libraries, and state of the art cybersecurity compliance modules.  In essence, we are optimizing your knowledge delivery and discovery paths using AI.


Say Hello to the Summarizer

Fully comprehensive summaries are based on Net Medical's AI Summarizer which takes PDF files and converts them to readable summaries of the original file. This is an extremely valuable tool which provides a short, one-page review of a multi-page document. You can get through documents, medical journal articles, and other research reports for a quick understanding of the subject material.

Net Medical's AI Summarizer is available in a subscription depending on the number of pages summarized. Multi-department subscriptions available at an affordable price.

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