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24 Hour Ambulatory
Blood Pressure Monitoring System


Wearable Biosensor

The AMBP monitoring platform measures blood pressure in real-time using wireless, non-invasive, medical-grade technology. We use health-AI and ML on the data we generate in order to provide actionable insights on patient care.


More than just analyzing the data, the sensor also generates it, using a proprietary sensor for continuous monitoring of blood pressure.


Telemedicine Remote Monitoring Advantages

  • Monitoring anytime, anywhere - widening the continuum of care, seamlessly covering all healthcare segments and transfer between them, from home to hospital and back home.

  • Improved outcomes – transforming Early Warning Scores from single to continual, greatly improving prediction of patient deterioration.

  • Better care – strong decision support tool enabling frequent sampling rates, customizable alert thresholds and historical graphs and trends.

  • Lower costs – shortening LOS by enabling early and safe dismissal and reducing hospital penalties.

  • Automatic collection of BP - improving workflows, generating reports and eliminating manual spot checks.

  • Clinician experience - customizable alerts per patient, measuring an unprecedented range of readings.

  • Patient and family experience – small, wearable, wireless, non-invasive sensor. Provides assurance for the family
    and an uninterrupted way of life for the patient.


What sets us apart from the rest

The BP Monitor is able to collect a multitude of BP data-points per patient per day.

This is enabled through our proprietary data collection tools, taking the form of a wrist-monitor or a chest-monitor.  The BP Wearable is  based on a PPG sensor, which is patented globally.

The patch is able to measure blood pressure - continuously, wirelessly and in real time.

Screenshot 2023-12-12 174854.png

Early Warning Score (EWS) System

  • Based on NEWS protocol

  • Automated real-time EWS

  • Customizable alert thresholds


Web Monitoring Management Platform

  • Cloud based - Accessible from any web platform

  • Smart alert system - Customizable thresholds for each reading and each patient

  • Department dashboard - View and manage your patients from one screen

  • Medical history - View graphs and historical data for each reading and each patient

  • Reports - Export reports for your patients at the click of a button

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