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Premium Cardiac Monitoring


Convenient Wearable Biosensor

The wearable biosensor patch and a unique workflow provides the user with the most sophisticated and convenient, multi-lead Mobile Cardiac ECG solution available. The medical workflow allows your staff and patient a remarkably simple application and setup. Additionally, you are provided a personalized login to a secure cloud server to view patient data in near realtime whenever you choose! We maintain the highest quality standard in the industry with accurate data capture using the best in class algorithm available on the market. In 2021, our manufacturer partnered with an arrhythmia detection software developer to bring the high sensitive and accurate AI solution available to the market.

corevital on chest2.png

Our Advantage:

  • Cost-efficient

  • Real-time monitoring

  • 24/7 Critical event alerts

  • Detailed reporting system

  • No upfront expenses


What sets us apart from the rest

*All reports and interpretation are delivered within 24 hours of test completion.

**Companies requiring split billing are keeping most of the eligible reimbursements


Reimbursement Codes and Rates

Below outlines a quarterly testing/billing protocol that can be used by practices.

For baseline reimbursement rates, click on this link,

Enter the following codes in the HCPCS Code box (one code per search):
24hr-48hr Holter/MCT Billing Codes (MCT can be billed every six months)
93224- Holter
93229- MCT
93228- Interpretation

Extended Holter Billing (can be billed in conjunction with MCT or every six months
in between MCT billing)

93241- Holter >48 hours and up to 7 days
93245- Holter >7 days and up to 14 days

Enter the location in the Specific MAC Locality box. Some states have different rates per city
so enter the city first. If the city does not come up, enter the state.

Click search. Use the rates under the Non-Facility Limiting Charge box.

How to submit billing codes:
Holter: submit on the date the reading physician signs report.
MCT: submit on the date the reading physician signs report.
Interpretation: submit on the date the reading physician signs final report.

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