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On demand, expert care.

How Does it All Work?


Net Medical is Helping You Bring Healthcare Directly
to Your Patients!

The Good Old-Fashioned House Call
meets Modern Medical Technology!

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Rent the Van for a Day, Week, Month, or More

Our courteous and professional call center staff members are available Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm. They will be happy to schedule your rental at your convenience*

505-255-1999 ext 314

*based on availability at the time of call

The Mobile Med Van Arrives at Your Office

We will deliver the van to you on your rental day. You may retain our driver (for an extra fee) or provide your own to go to your desired telemedicine location. Your patients can then step outside their door into our fully equipped Mobile Medical Van and take advantage of a concierge style medical service that offers a faster, more convenient way to be seen by a healthcare professional. Your employee(s) will escort your patient into our private Mobile Medical Suite equipped with a state of the art exam chair and telemedicine monitor. No waiting!

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The Telemedicine Visit

Your onboard employee(s) will take the patient's vitals, review their history, and prep them for their telemedicine visit with you. Afterwards, your staff can collect samples for basic labs and any prescriptions may be sent directly to the pharmacy of the patient's choice.

The Medical Vans are equipped with power generators to provide needed electricity, medically equipped refrigerators enabling you to offer basic lab testing for transport, and your staff can perform routine exams via our new exam chairs, which are designed to simulate being in your office, without the waiting. Quick, convenient care.

Interested in buying a van of your own?

Net Medical can create a custom van just for you and your practice. We can customize the equipment installed as well as the outside graphics, advertising your services. Whether you specialize in sports medicine, health and wellness screening, mobile injections or any other type of niche medical service, we can build a tailor made Mobile Med Van just for you. Give us a call today and let's start building your Mobile Med Practice!

Call Us: 505-255-1999 ext.300

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