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Net Medical’s Covid-19 Testing Program Enters New Phase

Rafael M. Rubio, President of Net Medical, has announced several new developments

with the company’s Covid-19 Testing Program. A featured video is now available that

explains some of the expanded features for handling millions of transactions an hour,

Bluetooth enabled features, and easy to use repeat testing capabilities.

The video is available at:

The company is involved with two programs sponsored by the FDA and Health and

Human Services (HHS). One program is the TopX project in which over 700

participants were enrolled prior to the winners selected in the Designathon contest in

December. Net Medical was one of the 30 winners and won the Bronze medal for our

contribution. The program then paired it down to 16 entries and within the several

tracks there were only six companies selected for the testing track. Net Medical was one

of the six selected.

The other program is run by RadX. This is a government funded entity to enable

companies to support scaling-up coronavirus testing and manufacturing new testing

technologies. The funding is part of NIH’s Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics (RADx)

initiative that was launched last year to speed up innovation in the development,

commercialization, and implementation of technologies for Covid-19 testing.

About Net Medical Xpress

Net Medical Xpress is a medical services company that provides clinical and diagnostic

programs using advanced telemedicine solutions for rural hospitals. The company’s

proprietary, web-based technology is the platform that enables medical providers to

make real-time assessments of patients’ conditions and treatment needs. For more

information, visit

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