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Doctor Examining CT Scan


Telemed has three distinct video conferencing products:


  1. Hospital ER & ICU video: This is controlled by credentialed providers. A provider has the only authority to initiate a conference in the ER, ICU, or other areas in a hospital that uses Telemed carts. This cart is available from Amazon.

  2. Outpatient medical video consults: Providers can use Telemed's platform to follow up with patients at their homes via cell phones, laptops, tablets, and desktop computers to SEND a one time link (expires after 24 hours) to a patient. The provider has the ability to bring up their own EMR within the same window as the conference for reviewing the medical record while examining the patient. The provider can also write and edit the medical record while on line with the patient.  

  3. Medical Grade Video Conferencing:  This is a multi-user video conferencing system for Telemed users. Up to 50 participants can communicate simultaneously. This is useful for management meetings and for people that telecommute with others who are also working remotely. It’s best used with a headset microphone, a Google Chrome browser, and an Internet connection. 


Medical grade telemedicine platform, "Telemed," allows patient order to moves through the healthcare system quickly and with the best-quality care. The support of Net Medical's call center within its online Managed Services System ensures a smooth experience for providers and complete care for the patient.



Digital Paper is a way to automate in-take forms, credentialing paperwork, or any check list form for clinic, hospital or doctor's office. It's a quick, easy way to automate the required workflow to manage medical data that's historically repetitive and outdated.


Net Medical delivers accurate, complete reporting with its industry-leading "Telemed" platform.


The "Telemed" platform offers a variety of features to elevate and complete a custom telemedicine solution for providers. Our "Building Blocks" platform maps hi-res images ingested into the Telemed platform by a healthcare providers and/or specialist to a particular encounter in a matter of seconds. The Telemed system automatically captures default patient ID information with custom mapping to grab fields from dicom data for a cross-sectional picture based on user preferences.


Net Medical's HIPAA-compliant offers more than 30 different security configurations to provide military-grade security and permissions throughout your healthcare organization.


FDA-cleared, medDream by Net Medical

Drag-and-drop, rotate, magnify, break an image into multiple images with MedDream and your modern browser - no download required. Customized mouse features allow you to change your window leveling, pan and zoom, as well as measurement tools.


An intuitive image order form begins the sharing process, allowing the user to select facility, images and other customizable fields. DICOM data is automatically populated within the form, reducing redundancies and workflow inefficiencies.


Enable your practitioners to get closer to patients despite social distancing parameters. Start a doctor-patient relationship via telemedicine.


Net Medical's telemedicine cart bridges telecommunications between specialists and facilities, along with face-to-face conversations with patient families and specialists located in other cities.


Two-way communication is achieved with a custom all-in-one Dell computer video conferencing system, an easy, mobile, streamlined experience with no need for a keyboard, mouse, or hard to remember password. Our proprietary operating system's only function is to receive calls from medical providers, making it easy to connect specialists to your community. The telemedicine cart itself is constructed of polished and coated, die-cast medical grade aluminum, is height adjustable and has antimicrobial work surfaces attached.


CC4021 Telemed Medicine Cart is made exclusively for Net Medical customers, featuring: 

  • Durable steel and aluminum construction, made in U.S.

  • Dell all-in-one hardware with Net Medical’s proprietary software for video consults preloaded

  • Adjustable heigh ranges from 31” sitting to 48” standing

  • 22” x 22” cast aluminum base

  • 5 dual wheel durable casters

  • Antimicrobial protection built in

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