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About Net Medical

Our Management Staff

Company Information

Company name: Net Medical Xpress Solutions, Inc.

Address: 8206 Louisiana Blvd. NE, Suite A, Albuquerque, NM 87113

Phone: 505-255-1999 ext. 300

Fax: 505-255-7201


Our Mission

To advance the health of the communities we serve, through collaboration, innovation, and exceptional care while improving access to care through technological improvement.

Who We Are

Net Medical is a 25-year old publicly traded company (OTC Symbol: NMXS) formed in 1995.

We provide extensive and unique solutions for the rapidly expanding multi-billion dollar telemedicine industry. Net Medical recruits and maintains an extensive cadre of specialist telemedicine physicians who are provided to the industry together with highly proprietary software linking electronic medical records (EMR) and facilitating state-of-the-art conferencing and communications, a call center, unique hardware implementations, diagnostic and clinical services and advanced research and development capabilities. No other telemedicine company offers the same extensive and integrated menu of telemedicine services as Net Medical.

Company History

Initially formed in 1996 as New Mexico Software, Net Medical has been a publicly traded company since 1999.


The company went public in August 1999 as a dotcom company ( and has remained on the OTC market for 21 years, maintaining proper financial filings on a quarterly basis and providing guidance to investors on company operations.


NXMS developed its intellectual software before finally finding a niche market by employing radiologists for its Telemed telemedicine management platform. The leadership team and board began doing business as Net Medical Software Xpress with a proprietary telehealth platform, Telemed, used by Net Medical for all of its businesses serving hospitals, family practice medicine, nursing homes, mobile radiology companies, specialty hospitals, jails and urgent cares in the U.S.

Having started as a secure web-based digital storage application, Net Medical incorporated the lessons learned in digital asset management to create solid telemedicine solutions with security at the forefront. In 2004 Net Medical began offering teleradiolgy services.

In 2009, with growing emphasis on medical software, the company began to recruit doctors for various specialties including neurology, neurosurgery, cardiology critical care, nephrology and primary care. Today, unlike its competitors, the activities of the company’s physicians are integrated with Net Medical’s complex array of proprietary software, custom built hardware, physician diagnostic and clinical services, call centers, credentialing, telemedicine video conferencing and other specialty services.


On February 1, 2012, the first teleneurology consult was completed with a rural hospital in northern New Mexico. In 2014 UNM Health Sciences Center and the ACCESS program partnered with Net Medical to provide teleneurology and teleneurosurgery services to New Mexico Hospitals after receiving a $15.1 million grant from CMS. Net Medical's headquarters are in Albuquerque, N.M. and we operate globally



Net Medical operations encompass:

  • Telemed telemedicine platform, Digital Paper, IDE (Independent Development Engine), Single Pane of Glass Software, FDA cleared image viewers, and integration connectivity with over 43 hospital based EMR systems

  • Telemedicine Video Conferencing equipment, USB Clinical Tools

  • Physician providers

  • Administrative capabilities such as credentialing, program management and call center management

  • Integration Capabilities– Electronic Prescription Software, Prior Authorization Software, Laboratory and Malpractice Insurance, Large Scale Provider Scheduling, Medical Translation services, and Provider rounding.

  • Staffing and Recruiting Operations Diagnostic Services (Radiology) Clinical Services (Specialists)

  • Amazon Cloud Services


Net Medical Software – one of the company’s most valuable assets is the investment made over many years in proprietary software. Net Medical software has always been ahead of the market in terms of functionality. The company has not spent money on patents but has protected these assets as trade secrets. The software products never leave the building. “Software as a Service” (SAAS) is available to customers only through an Internet web browser.


Telemed Platform – This is the core system used to build a customized telemedicine management system for clients. Telemed has various components that can assist a company seeking to provide telemedicine services with a secure portal. It is most useful for telemedicine consults with a variety of exam modalities such as neurology, cardiology, neurosurgery, critical care, orthopedics and psychiatry features to document case studies. Telemed can be connected to mobile devices, tablets, laptops and stand- alone desktops.


Net Medical – Global Telemedicine Solutions

The "Telemed" system offers backend features including a full programming interface to allow customers to perform their own modifications and updates. In turn this is integrated with report writing capabilities generating preview and finalized reports in the PDF format.


Other Telemed modules include:

  • Provider Credential Repository

  • Provider Licensing

  • Provider Schedules

  • Customer Contacts

  • Roles-based permissions

  • HIPAA guidelines, and

  • Multiple user roles


The Telemed system can also be integrated with secure SMS messaging connected to all mobile carriers with broadcast messaging capabilities and digital signature companies like Adobe E-Sign and DocuSign.


Net Medical software runs on Amazon Cloud Services to provide control and backup for video conferencing with 99 percent uptime. It connects through the Amazon Cloud with a worldwide network supplied by Vonnage.

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