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Expert specialist care. Anywhere.

True telemedicine should move technology to the background and leave providers and patients to connect without distraction. Net Medical's simple and secure video conferencing allows providers, patients and their caregivers to consult anytime, anywhere.


Browser-based + HIPAA-Compliant

Many of today's telehealth platforms require app downloads, security patches and other clunky technology, but Net Medical's HIPAA-compliant, secure telemedicine platform delivers instant, high-res connectivity with just 1-click.


Net Medical's "Telemed" Platform

After 25 years in the business, our medical grade telemedicine platform:


  • CONNECTS: Supervising healthcare providers can consult with specialists (and patient, caregivers) with a simple, secure, unique link that stats the meeting within your internet browser with just one click

  • ENHANCES: Net Medical offers the country's largest network of on-demand virtual specialists to provide expert care across time zones, reading imagery and tests, offering unique expertise generally only available

  • VALIDATES: We offer official online second opinions to providers and patients who seek additional counsel in a particular health matter or journey

  • SIMPLIFIES: Save time, keep patients within your healthcare facility or at home, offer complete care and avoid unnecessary readmission by leveraging the Telemed platform

  • COMPLETES: Net Medical has a rich product suite of technology offerings and services beyond the Telemed connectivity platform, including digital paper, image sharing and more

ROI of Telemedicine


When considering return on investment for telemedicine resources, healthcare organizations can review: 


  • Lower overhead.

Telemedicine lowers costs through the use of digital care technology and home-based telemedicine monitoring equipment.

  • Reduced cancellations and readmissions:

Net Medical has the ability to provide interoperability with several top home monitoring platforms like mTelehealth.


  • Reduced travel and out of pocket expenses:

​​Patients in unnecessary travel by providing regional and statewide outreach through digital health platforms.  Particularly for patients who would otherwise not travel long distances for 15 to 20-minute follow-up visits that are essential in providing value based care.


  • Continued patient engagement.

With the ability to monitor, engage and enhance care plans, patients are more likely to stay on track to better health outcomes.


  • Competitive pricing for common conditions.

Lower costs for treating non-emergency conditions such as URIs (upper respiratory infections). In 2016, at one facility, the cost for onsite visits to treat URIs was $383,702. During the first three months of 2017, costs to treat URI patients virtually was only $9,744.

  • Staff + Specialist Augmentation.

Net Medical is able to provide interoperability with scheduling systems to lower the cost of staffing and missed opportunities in patient engagement.


  • Greater Convenience + Satisfaction.

The convenience of telemedicine is a differentiator for healthcare organizations and systems. Offering the convenience of robust telemedicine makes it more likely others will recommend services especially in rural geographies and care settings.


  • Broader Outreach and Network.

Out-of-network patients entering the healthcare system are able to use the technology — another aspect of ROI. Especially in the specialty areas of medicine where there is a significant shortage of physicians and surgeons.


When managing patients at multiple location, Telemed enables providers to set access to users who need information for that location or patient only. A simple, yet robust filter system allows customers to provide services to any number of locations, providers, patients and encounters through credentialing roles within the intuitive, exclusive system.


Switchboard Admin Panel allows for clear communication and efficiency around facility, patient or encounter assignments. Net Medical's video conferencing solution provides HIPAA-compliant telemedicine across timezones, geographies, facility type and encounter needs.


Net Medical's encrypted, proprietary video-conferencing software offers unparalleled security and ease of use. Within the switchboard, assigned users can make or receive videocalls instantenously, with simply the click of a button.


Enhance the telemedicine experience with Net Medical's Virtual Waiting Room that communicates between provider(s), patient and even caregivers. This offering supports Net Medical's complete suite of telemedicine HIPAA-compliant, browser-based products and services.


Choose a date range and review all calls by facility, downloading an XML report, including call originator, time, date, duration and all information required for billing.


Net Medical's deep interoperability architecture seamless integrates the provider's electronic medical records (EMR) or electronic health records (EHR) into the telemedicine experience, as well as prescription and lab services as well. This content integration is exclusive to Telemed by Net Medical.


Net Medical's industry-exclusive telemedicine platform maps dicom data to hi-res diagnostic images ingested into the Telemed Building Blocks system.



Net Medical's deep interoperability architecture seamless integrates the provider's electronic medical records (EMR) or electronic health records (EHR) into the telemedicine experience, as well as prescription and lab services as well. This content integration is exclusive to Telemed by Net Medical.


The solutions group at Net Medical manages all networks, servers, systems administration, and programming used in operation of the internet-facing aspects of our solutions. We use military-grade encryption while in use or at rest.


Also an HTML5 viewer, the MedDream viewer works on any modern browser or device, including smartphones, tablets or desktop.


Our HIPAA-compliant relay software delivers image sharing with SSL-encryption, without requiring VPN. This expedites secure image sharing with all parties with just 1-click.


We understand each healthcare provider has unique workflow preferences. Net Medical's "Telemed" platform delivers TBB customized user experiences to reduce cognitive load and provider burnout.


Shrink the distance between doctor and patient in urban, regional and rural settings. Click-and-join an online meeting quickly and easily with the IDE feature within Net Medical's telemed platform.

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