Rural Health Solutions

We Specialize in Rural Care Delivery

Based in Albuquerque, N.M., and serving a large population of rural hospitals, clinics and organizations around the U.S., Net Medical understands the challenges healthcare providers face in delivering access to quality care in rural communities:


  • Costs associated with staffing specialties

  • Shipping patients to regional or urban healthcare cubs, and loss of revenue

  • Inability to provide complete care onsite or within the community

  • Patient need to travel excessive distances for the care they need


Immediate Access to Experts

Net Medical offers the largest on-demand network of U.S.-based expert specialists available virtually, providing immediate access to them via the proprietary "Telemed" platform. No downloads, no downtime, just instant access to the care your patient needs, when they need it.


Acute + Chronic Consultations

With experience in thousands of specialties, the Net Medical specialists often provide services to rural healthcare teams in the following areas:


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Rural Health Challenges

Delivering Quality Care Often Presents Obstacles Unique to These Communities

The CDC cites several reasons delivering quality care in remote or rural settings proves difficult:

  • A need to travel long distances for specialty care leads to discontinuous care or plan abandonment

  • Exposure to environmental hazards specific to geography requires different care plans

  • A culture for health-centric behavior lags urban settings:

    • Lower seat belt use

    • Reduced leisure activity

    • Smoking, obesity

  • Realties can hinder access​

    • Higher poverty rates

    • Missed opportunities from proper screening + preventative measures

Net Medical supports rural healthcare organizations in their mission to deliver access to quality care and better health outcomes.