New Medical News on

Stephenie Wilson, Project Manager, for Net Medical announced that effective

immediately, Net Medical will publish news of interest on both Telemedicine and COVID-

19 stories. This will appear at the top of Net Medical’s website

The news will be updated daily from recognized new sources. Wilson said, “This will give

our website visitors a good place to look for the latest medical news regarding two

important subjects. In addition, we are beginning a new blog on various topics

associated with Net Medical."

Wilson added, “There is so much to talk about with Net Medical. We upgraded our website to reflect the new areas we have been working on over the past year. We hope that you’ll keep abreast of the latest medical developments on our website.”

About Net Medical Xpress

Net Medical Xpress is a medical services company that provides clinical and diagnostic

programs using advanced telemedicine solutions for rural hospitals. The company’s

proprietary, web-based technology is the platform that enables medical providers to

make real-time assessments of patients’ conditions and treatment needs. For more

information, visit

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