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Testing, reading results and data reporting around COVID-19 are disparate resources and protocols. Net Medical bundles all of the necessary products and services into its "COVID-19 Resource Kit."  Available as one bundle or a la carte, Net Medical's offerings include:





Quick Start Guide

1. Start with your CLIA certification.

You’ll need to understand the CLIA requirements. The Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 are required for anyone that performs diagnostic testing. 


We’ll show you which tests you can order and use that have been cleared by the FDA.  More important is that you’ll be required to report your structured data to both HHS (Health and Human Services) and state regulatory agencies. Each state has different requirements. Some need county filing as well as city filing. And reporting must be done within 24 hours with the longest time being 72 hours. The fines for non-compliance are not easy to understand.

2. Determine how you plan to handle reporting.

Net Medical has structured reporting software available at very reasonable costs.  Our team can discuss the differences between diagnostic, screening, and surveillance testing.


3. Determine who is administering the tests.

Facilitating COVID-19 testing at your location comes with complex regulatory issues.


Net Medical brings more than 25 years of telehealth experience, veteran healthcare specialists to support your process, and the highest-quality technology on the market. Your onsite test administrator will want to follow proper safety protocols, and also understand the basics of delivering an antigen test and an ultrasound. 


4. Understand how the ultrasound images are sent to

Net Medical experts on the "Telemed" platform.

Net Medical’s top telehealth experts guide you through the maze. Our team can show you how to use our Telemed platform to start offering COVID-19 testing right away without worry.


5. Work with Net Medical to begin testing for your health population.

Contact us at to subscribe to our COVID-19 Structured Reporting Software.

Test Tubes




Understanding the effectiveness of COVID-19 molecular tests and antigen tests is confusing. What is the difference between the two and which one should you be using?


No test is 100% accurate, but understanding the effectiveness of a test vs the speed of results and the cost of completing tests will help you decide the best test for your facility. 

Learn how Net Medical's Test Performance Calculator works:

Try Net Medical's Test Performance Calculator today:


A pandemic can't stop patient-provider relationships.

Onboard new patients quickly and effortlessly, with patient-facing questionnaire makes starting a provider-patient relationship easier than ever, especially during a pandemic.



Rural hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, rural academia, hospitality and bubble sports all need rapid testing and responses plans for COVID-19 testing.


Net Medical and Butterly Network have teamed up to offer quick, easy ultrasound scans that deliver a picture based on COVID-19 symptoms.


Net Medical's unique suite of products and services addresses the unparalleled circumstances our global population faces due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here's a quick look at the COVID-19 Resource Hub offerings.  You'll find information on who and how Net Medical's radiology specialists and primary care providers partner with healthcare organizations to administer testing, read and report results, connect the care continuum, and put patients on the path to better health.